Wednesday, October 5, 2011


They say a dog is mans best friend, with fun and games to be had
But my friend is much more than a partner in crime, a buddy, a pal, a comrade.

He listens to the songs I write without a judging word,
The tunes and lyrics no one else but him have ever heard.

I strum till mirrors have gotten bored, till walls have had their fill
But my friend, he lays there, quiet eyed, I know he never will.

Mornings when clouds seem brighter now than the night that has long gone
I awake to find him by my side, all night he stayed till dawn.

We walk along the empty paths and he is sure to guide my trail
Even when I see beyond him, he leads my feet from fail.

Never too tired to stay awake and keep me safe and warm 
From the monsters in the giant box that growl with threats of harm 

And when tears have wet  my saddened face, he kisses them away
Whispering things like love and joy, and ‘my friend it's all ok.’

There are times when he is the only ears for the shouts of my frustrations and fury
And he listens close to every one, and doesn’t blame me for my worries.

My dog, my friend, is my closest ally, in him I will always confide.
Because I know that he will always be there, bad songs and tears aside. 

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