Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Jouney

Now, as you look at the journey ahead,
do not forget these things you have read.
The things you have heard, tasted and felt
forget not these things inside of yourself
As you take your next steps in the dark of these places
forget not the love, forget not the faces
of the ones who have opened bars to be free
the ones who believed in all you can be
forget not the smiles, the laughter and joy
the clap of a hand, the cheer of a voice.
forget not the challenges that have shaped you to change
the trials and sacrifice, however strange.
forget not the lessons, mistakes you have made
the times when you had only yourself to blame
for in times of heartache, you've gained trust in the night
knowing that somehow, you'll see mornings light
so now as you look at horizons ahead, look how it has drawn nearer
with every path you have lead.
And growing closer still, it awaits with your prize:
the success of knowing you've lived your life.
The life that is yours, its no ones' to live
its your rain to dance in, its your heart to give
allow you heart to receive love that endures
the trials and hardships and troubles of yours
and when you get to that place you call home
forget not to give a little love of you own.

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