Saturday, January 1, 2011

Glow Stick

Glow-sticks, where does the light come from?
Shake me up.
In magical warm colors, they illuminate the paths on warm summer nights.
Tread on me.
Burning like a hot day in the very middle of July or August. Popsicle?
Bite me.
Soothing like sensitive teeth toothpaste.
Brush me.
Warming, safer than candle light or camp fires.
Blow me up.
Bright in the allusion to a cigaret bud in shape and essence.
Light me up.
Fun like a good joke shared over hot chocolate and spana cepeda.
Crack me up.


They say that time can heal anything.
Birthday candles make dreams come true,
and the unpredictability of life is broken open by cookies in chinese restaurants,
so they say.
But I can't stand anything but you,
and I'm falling fast.
As this heart hits the ground, the only thing I'm wishing now
is that you would come and pick it up.
But you don't, cause you won't.
Guess you can't wish for stars to fall,
nor turn the hands of a clock to 11:11 then expect your dreams to come true.
But maybe somewhere in this universe, 2 stars have collided,
to make a blase of fire paralleling only that of our blazing hearts.
Perhaps Godel, is his infinite knowledge will complete his theory,
and the incompleteness of this world will connect us, perhaps.
Or perhaps they find and end to this unending universe,
leaving the eyes of wondering minds closed forever.
Impossibilities, driving the search for something more,
keep our souls anew, but I know that those things are nothing
between me and you.
So hold your breath and blow out the candle.
What say you to a life of searching wildly for falling stars?
That maybe our clock will strike 11:11 and we'll stand before the dawn,
awaiting the next impossibility.
For my heart has crumbled like a neatly folded cookie,
my fortune and favor have wavered in time.
But know this, my love, that if your heart crumbles,
I will be there to make a fresh batch.
I'll pick up the pieces of your burnt out stars, and throw a fistful of glitter in the air.
For when one star dies, a million come to dance for you.
And however is just a word that brings disappointment to hopes for the average,
and opens doors to those of greatness.
So open your doors now, let us see what however will bring.
And as for:
Improbable, impossible, unlikely and doubtful,
these are just word people use to veil their fears.
With all these impossibilities, not a day goes by that I don't fear.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

An Ode to Lemon Chicken

Oh Lemon Chicken, sweet, lovely Lemon Chicken,
Poultry and citrus, who would have thought such a pair
could create this wonder of a dish?
As these chopsticks embrace your oriental glory,
I can't help but marvel at your sour, beautifully tangy
sauce, enhancing the tender bundles of love they en-coat.
Like deep golden eyes, I'm drawn into your luscious plump
The feelings I experience are hard to describe,
the immaculate senses you give me.
Let me stay here forever, in China Palace
at the buffet, nay the glorious throne of your majesty.
My sweet, sweet Lemon Chicken.

Snow Globes

I imagine that the weather patterns in snow globes
are quite different that ours.
The snow never leaves, but falls a thousand times.
Yes, rather strange are these small worlds, wrapped up
in childhood.
But then again, maybe earth is truly the strange one.
To speak truth, there are but millions of snow globes to our
one earth.
Our one earth, the largest of all snow globes,
suspended ever so precariously by the dreams of
climatologists everywhere.
No! I say to global warming,
but let us stay in our snowy worlds

The Jouney

Now, as you look at the journey ahead,
do not forget these things you have read.
The things you have heard, tasted and felt
forget not these things inside of yourself
As you take your next steps in the dark of these places
forget not the love, forget not the faces
of the ones who have opened bars to be free
the ones who believed in all you can be
forget not the smiles, the laughter and joy
the clap of a hand, the cheer of a voice.
forget not the challenges that have shaped you to change
the trials and sacrifice, however strange.
forget not the lessons, mistakes you have made
the times when you had only yourself to blame
for in times of heartache, you've gained trust in the night
knowing that somehow, you'll see mornings light
so now as you look at horizons ahead, look how it has drawn nearer
with every path you have lead.
And growing closer still, it awaits with your prize:
the success of knowing you've lived your life.
The life that is yours, its no ones' to live
its your rain to dance in, its your heart to give
allow you heart to receive love that endures
the trials and hardships and troubles of yours
and when you get to that place you call home
forget not to give a little love of you own.